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Dry Cleaning

To professionally clean your clothes, we employ the newest wet cleaning technology. Wet cleaning uses computerised equipment, regulated water amounts, and non-toxic, biodegradable detergents.

This is one of the safest professional cleaning solutions, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Perchlorethylene is no longer employed as a result. Perchlorethylene (often referred to as "perc") is bad for both the environment and our health. Wet cleaning eliminates this risk by utilising water, which is nature's best cleaning agent.

Given that both our customers and employees are in a healthier atmosphere, we believe this was a beneficial investment.

Additionally, body scents and perc odours have disappeared.




Insufficient time or a damaged washing machine? Just drop off your laundry, and we'll wash, dry, and fold it so that it's ready for pickup. Even better, schedule a collection online for the time and day of your choosing, and our driver will pick up your laundry, service it, and then deliver it back.

Please take note that when using our laundry service, all of your clothes are washed in one load and then dried in the tumble dryer. We do not segregate coloured apparel from whites.

If you do not have the time to separate your clothing, please be advised that we usually wash laundry at 30 degrees and have not yet seen any colour run or received a complaint about colour run. Please also note that all your clothes are then tumble dried so we cannot guarantee that shrinkage will not occur. If you suspect you have items of clothing which may shrink if tumble dried please do not include this in your laundry.




The majority of us hate ironing – it’s time consuming and let’s face it, boring for most. This is where we come in – it’s our job so let us take care of this mundane task!

For individuals who detest ironing or simply lack the time, we provide a steam iron service that is reasonably priced.

We make sure that each clothing receives a professional finishing with clean, crisp results by using effective pressing equipment.




With our skilled cleaning of bed linens and household items, we assist in maintaining and freshening up your home.

When unexpected visitors show up, our same-day service will make them feel welcome and at home. Comforters, duvets, sheets, and pillows are always crisp and clean—they are the standard for luxury hotels worldwide.

Your linens can be cleaned and pressed by our professionals so you can experience the same level of luxury and high-quality at home. Our specialised equipment guarantees the highest level of cleanliness and is gentle enough for the finest bedding.

You can be confident that they will receive particular attention to detail in their cleaning and spot treatment




Clothing made of leather and suede is an investment that requires expert cleaning.

Regular cleaning is advised to help your leather products last longer.

Additionally, we can change or repair your leather or suede clothing




Whether you require an alteration such as a simple hem or zip repair, through to a complete reconstruction of your favourite garment, you can trust us to ensure you look and feel great in your clothes.

The majority of us are now more conscious about the carbon footprint we leave and are wearing clothes longer or buying used clothes. If you have clothes that don’t fit right, have become too big or small, bring them in and see if our tailor can alter these to suit you. On the other hand, if you have made the wise decision to invest in second hand clothing and this needs altering, bring this in to us for adjustment.




We provide a comprehensive array of business services to nearby companies, including uniform cleaning and repair for public safety, medical, service, and other staff.

Our industrial washing service is especially well suited for businesses that demand a meticulous approach to quality, finances, and maintaining things moving smoothly.

Let us lighten your load by collecting your tablecloths, uniforms, tea towels, or anything else that needs washing, cleaning it, ironing it, and then returning it to you so you can spend your time concentrating on your clients and business.

We are proud to say our past and present commercial clients include: Bodytonic, Holiday Inn Westfield Stratford City, Courtyard by Marriot London City Airportas well as sports teams visiting the area.



Key Cutting & Fob Copying

Our knowledgeable and skilled team can make copies of your keys and fobs for you.

A key and a fob may be copied in under a minute for prices starting at just £4!

For businesses like letting agents who frequently need key copying services, we provide account services.





For any kind of exchange, complaint or service query, please contact us through the details provided in the following at your convenience.


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